issue #193 - the one on time

it's a weird time right now - pun intended

Anyone else having a really hard time with time right now?

Tuesdays feel like they should be Fridays. I forgot what grades my children were in several times during Meet The Teacher night this week. The mornings feel like they’re never going to end, and I struggle to keep up with the frenzy of the evenings. Engaging in a little bit of revenge bedtime procrastination gave me a feeble sense of control over time, but it often required an extra cup of coffee the next morning.

Maybe it was the weather (not quite summer and not quite fall, but I appreciated that perfect weather nonetheless). It could’ve been our family adjusting to the normal routine of school/after-school clubs/homework for the kids and full days of meetings and evening events for us. A bunch of planets are entering and exiting retrograde, which is my go-to excuse when things feel wonky like they do right now.

In any case, I hope I’m not alone in feeling this way. I’m still very much in it, but the following things have been an enjoyable distraction or helped me regain a sense of control over increasingly nebulous time.

Yesterday’s rain was the perfect excuse to rearrange my bookshelves, unbox and place fall decorations, and play this fall ambient scene on our television to feel extra cozy. Even though it did nothing to tick items off my to-do list, it gave me a sense of calm that I didn’t get from our chaotic week. Caroline’s fall picks are superb - I bought most of the decor items from her list (you should also be following her on Instagram - she’s the best).

Luvvie’s post about the “three things to-do list” found its way on my feed nearly every day this week, and I’m finally heeding her advice. Did I also purchase these to-do list cards and holder to implement it? Absolutely. Did I need them? Not at all

Work is always challenging, but a potential government shutdown (which shuts down the FDA) and our current stage of development (with strong-willed stakeholders and collaborators) has been more stressful and uncertain than things usually are in drug development. After a good night’s sleep on Friday and finishing a rather inspired book, it helped remind me that most things in life are out of my control (and all I can control is how I react), and to zoom out of the situations to see the value all the parties bring to find a compromise. While things remain uncertain (and will likely continue to be for a while), I know to remind ourselves of the intended outcome, take a pause and a step back, and open a dialogue to get aligned before we forge on.

I really hope time feels normal soon. Until it does, I have a festive home, a necessary mental reframe about work, and a streamlined to-do list to help me through this weird time.

And, you know, a new paper product that I’m convinced will change my life.

This week’s smart random things

The would-be Holy Roman Emperor is my favorite person to follow on Twitter - I have my eye on these studded flats - a world that prioritizes moms would be a better world for all (and the data shows just how poor we are at prioritizing moms) - the Girl Dinner smoothie - since the French tuck is out, this is the way to properly full tuck your blouse - an unexpected addition to witchy movie season - you all seem to be loving this skirt (which is 30% off right now!) - my dear friend Neeti is now an instructor on MWH and her meditation and yoga flows have become new favorites - this is my secret weapon for snapping or filming outfit content on the go - what are your glimmers?

What We Read This Week


  • House of Marionne by J.Elle - this buzzy book as Fourth Wing meets Bridgerton - and it is - but it’s so much more. A runaway finds herself at a magical school where her grandmother presides as headmistress, and each trial gets her closer to the truth about her family and the state of magic (and closer with her attractive mentor). I’m here for our women who reject self-sacrifice for an ambiguous greater good, and Quell joins Lore, Violet, Aelin, Brynn, and Nesta to choose herself.

  • Bride by Ali Hazelwood (out February 6, 2024) - I know it’s just cruel to recommend the perfect spooky season book that won’t be available until that season is well over, but it WILL be the perfect winter slump book. I did not know that I needed a smart, steamy Twilight-meets-Succession love story, but I did and I already miss Misery (yes, that’s her name) and Lowe. While I very much loved Hazelwood’s STEMinist books, paranormal fantasy is really what she should be writing - and I’m thrilled she sets up a sequel perfectly at the end of this book.

  • Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston - I'm currently reading Red, White and Royal Blue and loving it! It's smart, sexy and just a lot of fun.

  • Lets Eat: 101 Recipes to Fill Your Heart and Home by Dan Pelosi - I've been following Dan Pelosi, aka @grossypelosi on Instagram, since sometime in 2020 and his vodka sauce and overall energy are consistent mood brighteners. His first cookbook is a reflection of his entire vibe with colorful and fun recipes, cleaning tips, and family stories. I can't wait to make the primavera baked pasta, sheet pan pizza, and the veggie meatballs. It's also very well designed (Dan is a former creative director) and there's a sandwich centerfold!

This Week’s Top Reads

Your Questions, Answered
I use LTK to create single-shop posts for each of these questions. If you save the post or a specific item (just click the little heart in the corner), you’ll get alerts when items go on sale. You can also search my profile for other recommendations - most are all saved there!

Ideas for real leather pants? Looking for an investment piece.
Helmut Lang’s leather leggings are timeless. I also love a straight leg style, and SPRWMN makes a beautiful leather trouser.

AGOLDE is a gold standard right now for denim and trousers, and they have some amazing recycled leather options that are more sustainably minded and at a great price point. You can shop all my picks here.

The bodysuit you recommened a few weeks ago?
All my favorite boysuits are linked here.

Quince makes a great t-shirt style one that I think was the one I wore a few weeks back.

I wear this long-sleeved one with patterned trousers or denim.

The QQQ ones are a great sleevless option that sucks you in and looks great under a linen or crisp white button down. Algalaround ones are like a buttery second skin- I prefer to wear these under a blazer or sweater as a first layer. If I’m going to wear it without that layering piece, I usually pair it with a looser, high waisted bottom like wide legged trousers or a billowy maxi skirt.

What should I pack in my carry on/personal item to India?
shop all of the items here

Your personal item should be the biggest possible bag that will fit in the seat in front of you - the large Dagne Dover Landon will do just that.

I prop my feet on top of the bag and create a peaceful sleeping environment with Bose headphones, this weighed eye mask, and the TRTL neck pillow.

I do a little skincare before I snooze (cleanse, serum, eye masks because I’m extra, overnight mask, lip balm, and oil to lock it all in).

I love this particular pouch set to keep organized- the large pouch for sleep items, the medium for in-flight skincare (I also pack Whisp toothbrushes), and the small for chargers and passport.

I always wipe down my seat with sanitizing wipes and keep hand sanitizer at the ready. I also wear compression socks to help keep my blood circulating. I usually pack an outfit to change into before landing that’s suited for India’s hot and often humid climate, and will give myself a quick wipe down with this shower sheet before changing (I use the nylon shoe bag that comes with the Dagne Dover bag to pack my clean outfit, and I’ll stuff my airplane outfit inside of it after changing).

What should I wear for 20 hours in the air?
I love a matching set (like these), paired with compression socks, the Ashley Spivey Reeboks laced with no-tie laces.

Recs for career coach/recruiter anyone who can help with software QA roles?
Julia Lynch (better known as @smarterinasec) is truly a career fair godmother- she’s personally helped many in my networks jump into tech careers and seek better opportunities. You’re in great hands with her to revamp your resume, engage and grow your network, and prep for interviews and negotiating offers!

Book recommendations: needing something super light and super fun! (I’ve read all of Emily Henry)
We have our more famous Henry-esque authors - Abby Jimenez, Ali Hazelwood, and Jasmine Guillory - whose backlists I’ve read and loved. If any of these authors are new to you, check them out!

I’m also excited to introduce you to some authors you may not have read:

Best rain boots for high arches, and a commute?
Vionic and Blondo make great waterproof footwear that don’t look like rubber boots. I love these Vionic boots, and this pair of Blondo boots are similar as well. If you want a higher heel, give these a try.

To time making more sense…sooner rather than later.


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