What Is #5SmartReads?

Everything you need to know.

#5SmartReads began as I was winding down my blog, in the fall of 2018.

I was looking for a place to find interesting and important news, and some smart folks to discuss it with. It didn’t exist, so I created one.

I began sharing 5 underreported - but incredibly important or interesting - stories every weekday on my Instagram Stories. A weekly newsletter soon followed, then a Facebook group to discuss these reads. And then my podcast launched.

I LOVE curating and chatting about these news stories with you all. But I also have been spending more time on the administrative work - jumping from one social media app to another, and getting sucked into each app every time - than I do on the actual reading, conversing, and Internet sleuthing.

There are also elements of my blog that I miss.

I miss writing.

I miss sharing my favorite things.

I want you to be able to find that exact thing I recommended much more easily.

That’s where this Substack comes in.

The daily newsletter delivers the 5 must read articles and commentary, curated by myself or one of my incredible contributors.

The weekly newsletter is a long read that shares reflections from the week, the books we’ve all read, links to each day’s reads from the week, and the answers to your burning questions.

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