(the habit stack that keeps me take care of myself every day)

#5SmartHabits is my daily ritual that helps me take care of myself (physically, mentally, emotionally) so I can take care everything else - my family, my tasks at work, things around the house, and the unexpected things that fall on my plate.

You can take a look at my previous habit stacks by following the #5SmartHabits tag on Instagram. I’ve linked some of my favorite mood/energy-specific ones below:

If you want to give some of my favorite apps a try, I’ve listed them (and discounts where applicable) below:

  • Superhuman Meditations offers positive audio programming to help you throughout the day, from seated meditations to walking sessions to mirror meditations (ideal when you’re when you’re not feeling great in your skin). You can use code hitha for a 60-day free trial - just be sure to use your email to register (instead of using Apple or Meta or Google login), and you can add the code on the payment page (shown below):

  • I use the Peloton app exclusively these days for my daily workouts (you can get use this link to get a 60 day free trial for the app, and this link to get $100 off accessories when you purchase a Bike, Tread, or Row). I’m hithaonthegogo, if you want to follow me on the app and see my workouts. My weekly routine is this:

    • 3 full-body strength workouts (with a warm up before and a stretch after)

    • 3 Zone 2 cardio workouts (I love the Power Zone Endurance rides or treadmill hikes or walk/runs)

    • 1 HIIT ride and a yoga flow afterwards

  • Much of my morning reading is done via audiobook using Libro.fm, which benefits independent bookstores. Code hitha will get you 2 free audiobooks when you start a subscription with them.

  • I use Spotify listen to both podcasts and music. If you’d like to get to know me better, you can find my podcast interviews here, and follow me on Spotify here. If there’s one playlist to check out, it’s definitely my Fall Out Boy one.

I’d love to see how you practice #5SmartHabits - use this audio and share your own Reel!

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